“Great minds

tech alike”


Because Warrermind over the years have gained a vast international experience when it comes to building technology – and IT industry businesses round the world, we have a slightly – but very successful – different approach to achieving the objectives, an approach which in many cases makes the difference between building a mediocre or vastly successful organisation!


When you engage with Warrermind, you get a partner who work structured, focus on facts, are honest, keep their promises, share their wast experiences – especially in relation to development of hard- and software, production, sales and management – and who knows that an agreement is and agreement and that this must be kept.

Because we pride our self on our professionalism and always strive to create a good chemistry between our self and our clients, we are always open to letting you take our any references that you may wish – just as we feel sure that we can use you as a reference once we have worked together for some time!


From cradle to...

Though Warrermind often is a part of building a business from the outset, often even from very early stage where we assist in conceptualising the business, we assist in all levels of the life cycle of the businesses we get involved with.

With our extensive experiences, knowledge and network, we add value to our clients at all levels of the process where we assist, being it in a strategic, sparing, hands-on, training or motivational capacity, Warrermind will help your company or organisation excel and reach its optimal potential!



With our holistic approach, Warrermind always strive to get round the whole business.

Specialising in technology and IT industries, we help our clients in all levels of their of the business, from the basic set-up over team creation, market analysis and research, prototype and product development, usability- and market studies, product adaptation, production, building and implementing on-line as well as off-line sales channels, raising capital etc.

Whether a brand new company, a spin-off within an existing company, an existing company who wants to develop new areas or synergies from existing products or an outright turnaround of an existing company, Warrermind have been there, done it and have the expertise to do it again!


Sufficient or great

Having built our company on a “word of mouth” basis – other than this web-site we have never advertised our services – at Warrermind we know that the success of our clients is our success. This is why for us “sufficiently” does not suffice – we always strive for great.

We are however realistic, and delivering successes on this level naturally also mean that we from time to time say no thanks to join a venture. This though does not not necessarily mean that we do not believe in it, it simply mean that we do not feel that we can add sufficient value for you to justify our involvement!



At Warrermind we believe that to be a success you also have to be passionate about what you do – our passion goes beyond “making quick bucks”, it is to create a long term healthy venture which will thrive even when we are no longer involved.

And when we get involved with a project, we always strive to pass this passion on to not only all levels of the organisation, but to everything that the venture touches – being it the surrounding society, the customers, the employees, business partners or any thing else.

And why this embracing passion? Because more often than not, passion is one of the main keys to the success that we always strive for!


Our services

At Warrermind we know that no two cases are the same, but because we often get involved with companies from the outset, we have the experiences, knowledge and network to be able to assist in just about all aspects, at all stages, of the company life-cycle – and the ability to lift them.

Here below are just some of the things that we previously have been involved in – with substantial success!



What kind of organisation do you want to build, should it be an independent company, a part of an existing organisation, a partnership with other organisations or something completely different?

Should the legal structure be a personal owned, shareholder owned, a partnership or a network construction and where should it legally be located?

What kind of key players are needed ant what stage and how should you attract them?

What are the steps needed for the organisation to reach its goals, when should they be reached and how can it be achieved.

These are just some of the questions which must be covered at this stage, and Warrermind has the experience to help you through this process.



How do you reach the goals which is set from the outset, can the set goals be reached or should the goals change, which resources is needed and how can they be obtained, how should outside influences be handled and much more is treated at this level.

We use not only the “normal” – e.g. SWAT – tools, but also a combination of own developed tools and experience to help you develop as well as maintain your strategies.


Board representation

In the view of Warrermind, some of the most important tasks for a board is to help the daily management to stay on track, foresee challenges, issues and obstetrical, develop the strategy of the organisation and insure that the organisation achieve its optimal capabilities on all levels.

Warrermind often ask the awkward, unpleasant and “stupid” questions which many others do not dare to ask, but are essential to answer if the organisation are to be a success and not only “run of the mill” or mediocre!


Market research

Most people think that this is only about how big a market is, but this is only one of the disciplines when it comes to market research.

Based on the philosophy that “it is one thing to think you know what the customers want, quite an other to actually know it”, Warrermind helps you get in-depth knowledge not only about markets sizes, pricing levels, product- and technology trends etc., but also things like customers wishes and decries, product acceptance, product aversions and product usage profiles – to mention but a few.

In short, we give you the complete picture of the market you wish to get familiar with.


Hardware development

With a background in electronics development and production, touching on everything from PCB layout and manufacturing to industrial and consumer products, Warrermind is extremely strong positioned to work with technology ventures from their very early stages over prototypes to even well established organisations.

We can take on even the most complex development tasks, whether it is embedded electronics, “ordinary” electronics, industry products, consumer electronics – or whatever the case may be.


Software development

Embedded software, industry software, computer software, e-commerce platforms, web-sites, cloud solutions, apps – Warrermind has the capability to develop, produce and maintain it all.

But in our methodology it is not only a question of production, we also work with end user involvement, usability studies, task automation etc., to insure that the end result achieve its optimal potentiality!


Prototyping and adaptation

From concept over prototype to beta versions is an iterative process which demand “change readiness” from the organisation.

Knowing that different products and different markets presents different challenges and needs, Warrermind have substantial experiences in all aspects of this process, whether it is hardware, software, exterior casings and design and packaging.



With several decades from the electronic component-, development- and production industries, Warrermind has the experience of defining, sourcing and maintaining the right production facilities and capabilities for all kinds of electronics, from small and simple products with little or no certification needs to large serial productions of both industrial and consumer electronics – and always with ”value for money” in mind.

We work with manufactures from most of the world, all of whom we visit with regular intervals and over the years have build strong relationships with.


Team creation- and building

Non of the ventures Warrermind get involved with can be run by just one person, which means that a team will have to be created. This can co-founders (for start-up ventures) or employees – whether C-level, managers, employees or freelancers and that as well full- as part time.

Depending on the level the venture is at, Warrermind can assist in finding the right people for the different posts, looking at factors like personalities, skills, corporate culture, networks and family status – to mention just a few of the factors which we take in to consideration when putting together a “killer team”. After all, a complete team consist of complete people with a complete skill set to put together complete products and businesses!



When you engage Warrermind as a mentor, you also get as well sparing partners as a coaches who view the task to be making you and your business not only successful in commercial terms, but also on a more personal level.

Having the backing and support of Warrermind will mean that you always have access to resources who can advice you and support you in achieving your goals, and as we work on an almost world wide level, we are typically at your disposal whenever you need the advice and support – 24/7!



Live in an ever changing world means that what resources and knowledge sufficed yesterday may not be sufficient tomorrow – and at Warrermind we know and understand this better than most.

With our wast international network of highly skilled professional people from almost all branches of industry and business, Warrermind can assist in training and upgrading all parts of the organisation, so that the knowledge base is always up to date and it has the skill sets to reach its – ever changing – goals and targets.



We all know the expression “all work and no play, makes jack a dull boy”, and it is true!

At Warrermind we understand the need for motivating the whole or parts of the organisation, being it through training courses, motivational speeches or team building events. We can help you both define, organise and execute such activities, and by doing our “homework”, through our knowledge of your organisation and our extensive and varied international, we will insure that not only the event becomes a success for the participants, but also for the organisation as a whole.


Sincerely yours,

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